Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Mommy's Photo Shoot!

I blog in mass amounts, can you tell?
Weeks can go by and I haven't written anything and then all of a sudden, four new posts. This is because all conditions must be write for me to post.

1) I need new pictures
2) I need to have something to say
3) the camera needs to be in my possession instead of the trunk of my car
4) Austin needs to be napping
5) the house needs to be clean (ha, ha, that is making me laugh out loud!)

Anyway, these pictures have been sitting on my camera and I wanted to share a story.

I don't know if it is the metabolism of a 30 year old... I don't know if it is the stress of a PhD... I don't know if it is just the fact that I love food... but none of my clothes fit right now. I decided that the time was right to change things, so I have been going to the gym several days a week and trying my best to eat right. After all, who has money to buy a new winter wardrobe??? As I see it, due to Texas heat, I still have a month or a month and a half before I even need to open my tubs of winter clothes, so I am hitting the gym.

The other day, Austin asked me if he could have a lesson on using the camera. How could I resist? I am the mother of a one and only son, this child can have anything he asks for :) (not really!) So, I taught him how to take pictures and here they are. A photo shoot just for mommy.

He stood back, looked at the camera after taking these pictures and said,
"Mmmm... you are beautiful, mum!"

What did you say, Austin? Did you just say the word beautiful?

"Yeah, mum, BEAUTIFUL!"

Forget the gym, I'm eating those bbq chips I hid away and wearing sweats all winter! My son says i'm beautiful:) How cute!


DT Boy said...

That is so awesome. We got Aiden one of those digital cameras for kiddos and he has loved. Now his younger brother also loves it which can cause some problems. In any case Aiden is getting much better at taking pictures with his camera.

mom2drew said...

Wow - Austin's a good photographer. And you ARE beautiful!!