Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Full Heart and a Full Pool!

Last week, Nicole, Jenny, Sharon, Carrie and I decided to take the kids to the pool!


My sister's dear friend, Carrie, was actually on vacation from her own family (and her hysterical life with four children) - but we roped her into going to the pool with us. I am so glad that she was able to sneak away to a corner of the pool for a restful relaxing quiet time.

Our hands were full with three babies and three toddlers, but we had such a wonderful afternoon together enjoying the sun and the kids.




I have so many pictures to share from our day at the pool (and more recent pictures of another day at the pool). Just looking at the pictures makes my heart so full.


Sharon said...

So sweet! Love the pictures. Thanks for sending them.

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures...the kids are all so adorable ..even if one of them is my grandaughter.