Saturday, April 10, 2010

Night Day at the Museum

When Austin was recently on Spring Break from school, we decided to visit our local art museum.


We spent the morning walking through galleries, pointing to pictures, talking about colors, and showing Austin his first Monet!!!


Honestly, I was a bit surprised that he seemed to enjoy a "grown-up" art museum, but I want to try to make the most of every opportunity with Austin - to explore his talents, to allow him to dream, to encourage him to find his passions in life.

We found a toy table where Austin could build his own "sculpture," and he was thrilled.


I sat on a bench for at least thirty minutes while Austin played - putting different pieces in different places to make the "perfect" piece of art.


"Look, mom!" He said as he turned around his piece. I just made one beautiful piece of art!"

He doesn't lack for self-confidence or pride in his work.


As we left the museum heading back towards our car, Austin looked up at the "real sculpture."


"Yes," he said to himself under his breath. "Their sculpture almost looks as good as mine."

I enjoyed our day at the art museum, sweet boy, and I cannot wait to see what you create next!

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3 chicks and a dude said...

he is just the cutest! i love those little wooden gadgety (like that's a real word) toys! not sure my girls really get them, but it's fun to see what little guys do with them!