Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I will Go Alone if Needed!!!

This afternoon, I arrived in Texas! Since the "Big Move of 2010" that took place in January (along with my husband's "special" medical procedure), this is my first time back in Texas. If you haven't heard the story of our January move, I promise to record some of it here to trigger my memory in years to come. The short story is that my very sick husband and I flew to Texas to January to pack up our home and move across the country. There are so many aspects of the story that still make me laugh out loud just thinking about.

I will be staying with one of my oldest and dearest Texas friends for the next few days while I work on my last PhD presentation! As I was driving towards Fort Worth tonight, I was able to just think back and focus on so many wonderful memories made in this city. James and I had our first apartment here, our first ministry together with college students, lifelong friendships, etc. I called James to tell him I had safely arrived. "Where are you?" he asked. I told him the exact location. "Where are you headed?" He asked. "Joe T. Garcia's!" was my immediate response. "Oh, are you meeting some friends there?" He continued. "No, my plans changed for the night, so I am just heading there myself."

And James just laughed. For if you know me well at all, you understand that nothing in the world will stop me from eating at Joe T. Garcia's as much as possible during my short weekend stay in town. So, tonight I sat by the fountain (the pool), worked on my paper, and enjoyed the very best chicken fajitas known to mankind!

After the dinner that will change my life, I headed towards Hillary's house and spent the evening laughing, talking, and finally catching up on life!

On Saturday, I will attend my last official PhD class! I hope that the exclamation marks indicate on some level my excitement. As many of you know, I have been working on my PhD for the past three years. I finish my coursework this semester and move on towards my internship, comps, and dissertation phase. It is so hard to believe that three years have already come and gone.

And just because I cannot go a day without sharing my boy with you, here is a picture of Austin last week while planing flowers with Granny!


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Sandee said...

I would love to see you while you are here. No class on Friday? I will be at DBU all day. Drop by if you can! :-)