Tuesday, April 20, 2010

"Things I Don't Want to Forget"

"Things I Don't Want to Forget"

Follow Up Post:

Tonight Austin was having a hard time falling asleep. I asked him if he would like to crawl into bed with me for a few minutes before going back to his room. I told him that he was welcome in my bed for five minutes, but he had to lay still and he could not tell me to change the channel. :)

I was working on my computer glancing up at The Biggest Loser every few minutes. He stayed quiet until he sat up, pointed to the TV and yelled, "Hey mom, aren't you trying to lose weight too???"

"Well, yes, honey... but..."

"Looks like you need to go on the Biggest Loser, mom." He stated proudly.

Dear Austin, I liked it better when you told mommy that you didn't want me to get any smaller!


Other recent Austin-isms:

- Whenever you are doing something you are especially proud of, you say, "Mom, look at me ____. (for example, "Mom, look at me color!") and then you say, "You aren't going to be able to resist this!"

- You are a little encourager, but sometimes it is pretty funny. For example, I might pour you a glass of milk and instead of just saying "thank you," you will say, "Wow! Great job pouring that milk, mom!"

- You always ask me how long something is going to take. (i.e. "Mom, how long does it take to drive to the mall?") When I respond, "Five minutes," you always ask, "Mom, did you say minutes or hours???" I will say, "Minutes. Five minutes." Then you will say, "That's not long. Minutes aren't long at all. Hours are LOOOOOOONG."


- We have some close friends who live in our new town that have three sons. You used to call them, "The Three Brothers" now you call them, "My brothers." I love it!

(Two of "the brothers")

- We recently stayed with Aunt Jenny at her house to avoid spreading germs to grandma and grandpa. That night, you got a little overwhelmed about staying at a new place. "Mom, please just take me to Grandma and Grandpa's house," you said. "I promise that I will just go straight to my room and put all my germs right on the bed."


- Your favorite Biblical character right now is Moses. Every night when I pick up the Bible to read you a story, you want to read about Moses. Last night, I decided to read you the story of Noah and the Ark. You loved the story, and even knew it well, but whenever I would say Noah's name, you would reply, "You mean Moses, mom."

"No Austin," I would reply. "This story is about a man named Noah."

"Well, I am just going to pretend that his name is Moses."


- You used to name all of your stuffed animals after their sound (i.e. Mr. Quack Quack, Mr. Moo, etc.). Now you name everything after yourself. "What should we name this lego man," I ask? "Mmmm... we'll just name him Austin." You will reply.

So to Mr. Austin and all the Mr. Austins in my house, I love you forever and love all your funny sayings!

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Becky said...

Man I miss this little boy!! Thanks for sharing these Austinisms with us Emily :) I think my favorite is "great job pouring the milk!"...that's just awesome. Hope you guys are doing well...sounds like you're staying busy...love you!!!