Monday, April 26, 2010

Pirate Pajamas


This picture shows you just a hint of the excitement on our little one's face on his birthday eve. On Saturday, James and I took Austin to Orlando for his birthday celebration. We had a wonderful afternoon exploring Downtown Disney and swimming at the hotel pool.

Throughout the day, Austin was allowed to open various small gifts that I brought along for his birthday weekend. By late Saturday night, he had opened three small toys to play with throughout the afternoon. On Saturday night, I told him that he could open one more present! (I had picked out the special birthday pajamas he is wearing in the picture.)

As he opened the box, he looked up at me.

"CLOTHES????" He exclaimed in absolute horror. "Mom, where are the toys?"

"Austin." James reprimanded. "What do you say to your mommy for your gift?"

Austin just stared at the box.

"Austin." James reprimanded again.

"But, Dad, It's just clothes!" Austin tried to explain.

"Austin. What do you say to your mommy for your gift?" James said in a firmer voice.

And as Austin stared down at the box, I could tell that he was mustering up all of his energy. Detesting the words that were about to come out of his mouth. And, I couldn't help but giggle as he finally said...

"Thank you, mom."

I pulled Austin into my lap. "You are so welcome, sweetheart." And then I explained. I explained how special I wanted him to feel on his birthday eve in new pajamas. I explained how I picked them out because he loved pirates. I explained how comfy they would feel.

And soon, he was thrilled. Thrilled to be wearing birthday pajamas. Jumping on his own bed in our hotel room. Thrilled to be turning four!

We tucked Austin into bed, said prayers, and reminded him... "When you wake up in the morning, sweetheart, you are going to be FOUR!!"

After a long pause, Austin looked up a me and finally asked, "Mom, when I wake up, will I have a different voice?"

Oh, sweet boy, you never cease to bring a smile to my face with your deductions. "Yes," I said, "When you wake up, you will have the same voice. You will have the same ears. You will have the same nose and the same smile. You will feel the same sweetheart. You might be a tiny bit taller, but you will be the exact same Austin. You will just be four instead of three!"

"Oh..." you replied. And then you cuddled into bed in your new pirate pajamas.

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