Wednesday, April 7, 2010

To Spark the Memory Later!

Do you ever feel a bit behind?

Does it ever seem to you that your mind runs faster than you are able to keep up?

That is how I feel about blogging lately. A million things that I want to write, to store, to remember for Austin, but not having the time to sit and write down all the thoughts.

And so, I feel as if my blogs of late mention things: I want to talk about Easter traditions, I want to do a post on forgiveness, I want to talk about Andrew and Austin's "yes/ no" battle that had me laughing out loud... but then, I am so busy enjoying the moments with Austin, James, and my family, that I fall into bed at night without blogging all of my thoughts.

So tonight, just some pictures... and hopefully they will spur me on to record the stories someday soon :)



James hid the eggs.  This picture just describes the oddity of the day to me.

However, this was the reality of most of our photo shoot.

Oh... and by the way, in case you don't read my dad's blog from his cancer journey, HE IS HOME! AT HIS HOME! RELEASED FROM THE HOSPITAL AND TRANSITIONAL HOUSING! PRAISE THE LORD. What a wonderful Easter surprise!

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