Monday, April 19, 2010

I want to be Little!

Approximately 12 weeks ago, I joined several friends in a new adventure - Weight Watchers. Over the past three years, I have put on some extra pounds with the fun of motherhood, moving, studying, writing, teaching, and just living life!

Every Thursday morning, I meet my sister and our friend Nicole for a quick weigh-in. Instead of being good members and attending the meetings, however, the three of us always end up skipping the meeting and going out for a big breakfast! You would think this would be counter-productive, but I am thrilled to report that I have lost 15 pounds!

A few weeks ago, Austin asked me if he could make some popcorn. Searching our pantry, he came across several different boxes of popcorn in all shapes and sizes. "Mom-ma?" He yelled from the kitchen. "Why do we have so many boxes of popcorn?"

I came into the kitchen and tried to explain to him that Daddy has some popcorn that he likes to eat (i.e. lots of butter) and I have other popcorn that I like to eat.

As with all things in my house of Austin, this short explanation of mine led to a never ending gunfire of questions about why Daddy and I don't eat the same popcorn.

Trying to simplify the conversation to get on with life, I finally just said, "Austin, mommy is trying to become little again, and that means I can't eat daddy's popcorn."

A few days later we picked up a scale at Walmart - and the numerous questions about scales from my cart led me to state, "Austin, mommy just wants to see if I am getting smaller."

Yesterday afternoon, I weighed myself and realized that I had reached a goal on my scale. In my excitement I yelled out, "James, come look at this scale! Whooo Hoooo!

Austin looked up at me with tears in his eyes. "Mommy, I don't want you to become little. Please stop getting little."

"Austin, why don't you want me to get little?" I asked in confusion, but also hope that my three-year-old already understands the beauty of a woman's soul rather than her figure. Maybe he already understands that his mommy is beautiful just the way she is... but then... he answered my question.

"Because mommy, if you become a little girl again, then you can't be my mommy."

And suddenly, I realized what he has been thinking all these weeks. I have been using the wrong word!

"Oh, Austin, mommy isn't going to become little - or younger, sweetheart. By little, I mean skinny or smaller HERE - (pointing to my waist)."

And Austin looked at me (absolutely relieved) and said, "Oh, that's fine mom. You can get as little as you want."

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Two Shades of Pink said... sweet. Even if you scared the poor boy out of his wits. Ah, the mind of a child... thanks for the that made me laugh! Congrats on the 15 lbs! I think food and I need to have a chat about our relationship. Food may get the "we need space" speech.