Sunday, July 20, 2008

Blessed Among Bubbles!

Here is a quick note to other mothers of preschoolers. This is just an idea that I thought of sharing. Bathtime with your Bible!While talking with college and adult women, one of the most common complaints is when to spend time with God. We all want to wake up a half hour before the world begins and spend time alone with God - which is precious time, but if most of us are honest, we wake up 15 -30 minutes after the alarm has initially gone off. We feed our kids bananas and toast in the car on the way to work and our kids sometimes even show up at preschool in their pajamas.

So when can we spend that 15 - 30 minutes just alone with God?

When our kids are in the bathtub!

Austin loves his bath time. He would spend as much time in the bathtub as I would allow. A few months ago I noticed that I was really rushing Austin to finish his bath time quickly.
"Austin, let's hurry and wash your hair."
"Austin, let's not play anymore, mommy needs to go do the dishes."
"Austin, let's not climb in your bucket."
"Austin, are you trying to tell me your stuck?"

About a month ago, I realized what I was doing and thought, "Why can't I allow Austin to enjoy his time in the bath? Why do I live my life in such a rush?"
So, I started taking magazines or books into the bathroom with me and enjoyed some down time while Austin played in the water. This week it hit me... why don't I use that time for extra time alone with the Lord?

Austin doesn't seem to mind one bit. He is having so much fun in the suds, and I am finding the time so meaningful and enriching.

For example, yesterday I was having a tough day. We have made the decision not to fly to Florida for Thanksgiving due to the current cost of airline tickets and I was just feeling sad all day. At bathtime, as Austin played and splashed, I picked up my Bible and read Psalm 68.

Since my current Bible was still in the living room from morning church, I grabbed an old Bible from under my bedside table. I saw that verse 9 was circled and underlined heavily. Next to the verse, it said..."I am praying this for my time in Texas."

The verse: God sets the lonely in families.

You see, seven years ago when I moved to Texas, I was moving as a young, single woman attending seminary. I was so nervous and scared about being so far away from home, but at the same time claiming that God would set the lonely within a family.

As I read this verse seven years later I thought about my life. In that time, James and I dated and got married... we had Austin, and we have had beautiful friendships in both Fort Worth and Denton... God was faithful to his promise. He sets the lonely within families.

Tonight as I watch Austin splash in the bathtub, I hear the strong sounds of laughter coming from 30 Japanese students playing charades in my living room.

Oh, Lord, you do... you set the lonely in families.

"Lord, thank you for these precious bathtime blessings. I pray that in the midst of Austin's busy life, he will find time to read your Word daily and fall in love with you! I pray that you will surround Austin with the family of God every day of his life."


mom2drew said...

Very cool. That is one of those verses that I thought, "Is that really in the Bible? I've never heard it before!"

I do have to say that I feel very crummy, finding out about your Thanksgiving plans through the blog. Boohoo! But my mind is already fast at work making our alternative plans... stay tuned.

Becky said...

i agree with jenny's post...1 because that means i have to find another family to mooch off of for thanksgiving, 2 i'll miss the turkey trot, 3 i'll have to wait even longer to see the Q's again...maybe i'll try to go home for thanksgiving instead...copying jenny...stay tuned ;)

MommytoAJ2 said...

Excellent idea! Now, how do you keep your Bible, floor, clothes, etc from getting soaked? :)