Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Our day...started with Prunes...I should have known

It was just one of those days...
It started with prunes, yes prunes...
My independent, precious, little son decided that the only thing that would do for breakfast this morning was prunes. Typically, I wouldn't have a problem with him eating prunes for breakfast. I am normally just glad that he isn't begging for cheetos for breakfast.
But today, I needed to run errands...
the bank, home depot, the post office.

Disclaimer: this post might be jumbled as I am very tired tonight!

When I asked Austin if we could look for something different for breakfast, cereal, grapes, a banana... he just replied, "No, Mama, Runes!"

So, "runes" it was.

The prunes fully took their toll right in the middle of Home Depot. Typically not a big deal, but by that time James' car had broken down, my car window stopped working, and I spilled a huge coke on my new white t-shirt. Just some of the little frustrations of daily life. As I pulled Austin towards the bathroom in Home Depot (he wanted to look at, take that back, pull out all the paint samples in the store), we passed an elderly couple sitting on a bench.

What a happy young man, they said as Austin sang his way to the bathroom. (Notice, that they didn't say, what a happy mom as I was not excited about cleaning the prune mess). Austin grinned up towards the couple and shouted, "Blue Shoes!" while holding his blue crocs up in the air. It was as if Austin was saying, "you know, it really doesn't matter what else happens today, mom let me wear my awesome blue shoes!"

Have you ever had a pair of shoes like that? You know what I'm talking about. A pair of shoes that doesn't match anything in your closet, but just makes you happy. Austin's crocs are those pair of shoes. They are bright blue and he wants to wear them with every single outfit. In the midst of my miserable day of spilling, frustrations, etc., Austin was just thrilled and singing about wearing his blue shoes.

My sister, Jenny once gave me a pair of shoes like that - brown high heels that look like they are made out of crocodiles. They are awesome. So, today I went home and did two of my favorite things, painted the house and wore my crocodile shoes while doing it!

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Mom2Drew said...

There's nothing like a great pair of shoes to turn your day around!!!! LOVE the new look of the blog. Help me do mine, please!