Saturday, July 12, 2008

An Italian Dinner

"I led them with cords of human kindness, with ties of love..."
Hosea 11:4

I wonder if people know how much a simple act of kindness can mean? Just as God led the Israelites with "cords of human kindness," we are exhibiting the very nature of God when we show kindness to one another. This weekend, our family was blessed with an act of kindness from some of our college students, Kelsey and Jillian.

The girls invited us over for a home-cooked meal and swimming at their
awesome neighborhood pool.

James and Kelsey cooking in the kitchen.

Kelsey eating on the dining room floor - no table yet...

Jillian eating

Austin enjoying two of his favorite things, grapes and spaghetti!

A simple act of hospitality equals a lesson to a family in the simple pleasures of an italian dinner, good friends, and a swimming pool. We were so blessed by our time together.

"Lord, please give Austin a heart of kindness. Enable him to experience empathy towards others and love them more than he even loves himself. Your word tells us to "do unto others," but I ask that you would give Austin a true love for others that would display itself through acts of kindness."

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