Sunday, July 27, 2008

Do you have some good friends?

Do you have some good friends?
I never know quite how to answer this question. And strangely enough, I am asked this question a lot. Perhaps it is because we move quite a bit. Perhaps it stems from the fact that I have friends all over the country. Perhaps it is a question of concern since my best friends live thousands of miles away? Maybe people are just nosy? No, I think they mean well, but I am often asked, "Have you made some good friends in _____ (Denton, Fort Worth, at your church, at your school, in your neighborhood, fill in the blank).

So, today, it is time to finally answer the question - and hopefully identify with some other moms out there in blog land. Yes, I have many friends in _____.
I would love to introduce you to the ones I spend the most time with.

These are perhaps my most faithful friends. They are always there for me and really reliable so far. They aren't my best friends - as you can tell, they haven't learned how to sort, fold, or put away, so we are just hanging out together right now.

James thinks Oreck should be my best friend ever (see previous post), but I see our relationship more as one of convenience.

My best friend! However, I have found that she is not near as interested in making me look good as she is in providing me comfort!

The worst friend of all - she just lays around and makes me do all the work. (This is my pilates mat!)

So, for all my friends living so far away, I am happy to say that i have made some great new friends, but there is always room in my life for you!


MommytoAJ2 said...

OMG! I think my best friend is your best friend's sister!!! They look SO much alike!!!! :) Loved this post!

mom2drew said...

Wow, I had no idea that YOU were best friends with MY worst enemies...