Thursday, July 24, 2008

I am still writing, and writing, and writing...

I wanted to post a quick note that I am still writing, just not on my blog for a few days. As most of you know, my focus shifts when I have papers due. I have a paper due tomorrow by midnight, so I will not be updating my blog until it's done. So, if you have called, emailed, etc. in the last two days - I will try to call, email, write back on Saturday when this paper is in:)

- Emily

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mom2drew said...

Man! Is it selfish to wish that you didn't have papers to write? I miss the updates... hope all is going well with the studies. I have several questions that fall under the "do you happen to know anyone who knows A LOT about the Bible??" category. So, let me know when you're ready for me to lay those on you!