Wednesday, July 16, 2008

There must be a paper due!

James says that he always knows when I have a paper due at school. When he arrives home from work, a room in our house has been freshly painted.
Procrastination? Maybe
Therapy? More Likely
There is something so stress free about painting, something so rewarding about watching a wall change colors immediately before your eyes. And something so fulfilling about see the accomplishment of a hard day's work.
So instead of writing papers, I paint.

Today, Austin and I tackled the Master Bedroom.
James has been asking me for a more masculine color in our bedroom - so today we went from "yellow ribbon" to "cup of cocoa"

I LOVE the new color and have some tips for having a great paint day.

1. Buy the paint while your spouse is at work. This alleviates the pressure of having to agree upon a specific color.
2. Paint while your spouse is at work. This saves marriages!!!
3. Allow your children to paint - remember to take off their nice clothes first

4. Make sure that your child is painting in an area that will be covered by your bed. Then, it doesn't matter if they paint on the floor. The bed was just pushed right over it.

5. Tell your child what a great job they did on the one little square you allowed them to paint before you sent them to their room for nap time.
6. Continue to paint in absolute peace and quiet, enjoying every moment.
7. When your spouse comes home, tell him how difficult it was without him and how easy he makes things when he is there (even though you loved your day!)

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